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NaCLO by Medivac Srl

NaCLO in the Medivac srl entity has always believed in the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. Today, the company is engaged in various CSR projects in line with the objectives stated in the corporate mission and vision.

Medivac is currently working to raise community awareness of poor sanitation issues in low- and middle-income countries, and how the essential key to their development passes from the improvement of these conditions.

Campus Madrugada

Guinea Bissau,2022: At the hospital and health facilities of the Madrugada Campus in Bissau, a NaCLO 30 device complete with Solar kit donated by MEDIVAC was installed. The donation is part of MEDIVAC’s CSR program, which provides for the training of local technicians in collaboration with “Associazione per la collaborazione allo sviluppo di base della Guinea Bissau (Verona)” and “Cooperativa Madrugada” for the on-site production of disinfectant to be used in the hospital facility and for the disinfection of the water collected in the campus tanks. Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite is also available in the compound’s pharmacy for external sale at a much lower price than market products.

University of Parma and MEDIVAC

the University of Parma and MEDIVAC Srl have signed a scientific collaboration agreement. MEDIVAC Srl has made available to the Department of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences a NaCLO production system complete with Solar Kit to validate the production methodology of the system and the use of the product obtained in its various dilutions, providing technical-scientific data based on laboratory and field trials. This is also part of MEDIVAC Srl’s CSR program.

NaCLO for Africa

scientific symposium

“NaCLO for Africa – Hygiene as an essential health requisite for the development in low- and middleincome countries” is the end point of the MEDIVAC’s CSR program.

It is an institutional scientific symposium to raise community and participants awareness of the problems of poor hygiene in low- and middle-income countries, and the importance of disinfection as a preventive weapon for many infectious diseases.

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Scientific Symposium