mini Plant

Plug and Play System

for on-site production of
electrolytic sodium hypochlorite

Designed to operate in unfriendly and harsh environmental conditions, NaCLO 30L requires for its use raw materials that are readily available everywhere.


Designed to operate in unfriendly and harsh environmental conditions, NaCLO 30L requires for its use raw materials that are readily available everywhere, such as sodium chloride (common salt), water and energy from the grid, a power generator or a Solar Panel (Solar Kit fo NaCLO 30).

Each item is supplied with an accessories kit, as well as the instructions on how to use the disinfectant solution in a wide variety of situations, e.g. purification of both well and domestic water, disinfection in hospitals, nurseries, communities etc…

NaCLO is ready to use: the system is supplied with all accessories in order to start the proper production on site immediately and without depending on any supplier.

NaCLO works with low operating costs, it produces 30 liters of sodium hypochlorite at 5 gpl (5000 ppm, for the most demanding uses) of active chlorine in ab. 5/6 hours ( energy supplied by the grid or a power generator ).

NaCLO produces 30 liters of sodium hypochlorite at 5 gpl (5000 ppm) in ab. 6/8 hours with energy supplied by Solar Kit for NaCLO 30.

“Any lower concentration is available
for different uses”

Difficulties in finding disinfectants locally and storing them properly, as well as a lack of knowledge about disinfection procedures, are at the root of poor hygiene in low-income countries, representing some of the frequent causes of the spread of infections.

  • Based on WHO data, about 2 billion people do not have sanitation services and about 3 billion do not have basic hand washing services with soap and water.

    Locally produced electrolytic sodium hypochlorite is the easiest and most sustainable solution to disinfect and thus reduce the impact of many diseases.
    NaCLO 30L is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

It replaces the purchase of disinfectant products on the market, eliminating transport costs and the resulting environmental impact, thus reducing overall costs

Produces disinfectant as needed, according to the variability of requirements, reducing the waste of products that expire or lose efficacy

Allows the same bottles to be filled, reducing the use of plastic

Uses on-site resources for production (salt, water and electricity)

It doesn’t use imported raw materials (drastically cutting transport and purchasing costs)

It is biodegradable and therefore environmentally sustainable

It is cheap, easy to use and versatile

The optional photovoltaic panels make it possible to exploit natural resources and cut the cost of generated electricity by allowing production mainly where there is no mains electricity.

NaCLO 30L is composed by:

Electrolyze unit with a special cable for connection with the power supply unit
Power supply unit (input 84-264 V a.c. – 47-63 Hz)
30L Plastic reactor
Accessories kit for safety protection
Raw material for the first productions of Sodium Hypochlorite

Solar Kit for NaCLO 30

Special foldable photovoltaic panel with an aluminum frame for orientation to the sun.


Seven key advantages of on-site produced electrolytic sodium hypochlorite

Easy to use, ready availability
Low cost of production
Acts quickly
Wide-ranging efficacy
Effective at low concentrations

Wide spectrum of action

Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite neutralizes a broad array of micro-organism such as

  • bacteria
    Gram positive and
    Gram-negative bacteria
  • fungi
  • Viruses
  • Bacterial spores
    Bacterial spores

  • Infections caused by the unavailability of drinking water or the presence of bacteria in houses, public places and hospitals are the main reasons of serious diseases, especially in underdeveloped areas where the risk of exposure for the population is higher. To help tackle the issue, NaCLO offers a mini plant called NaCLO 30L, an equipment that produces, by electrolysis, an aqueous disinfectant solution on sodium hypochlorite-based, one of the world’s most widely used and effective disinfectants.

Fields of Application

Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite neutralizes a broad array of micro-organism such as

Water disinfection

Water disinfection (for small and medium size communities or at home)

Multi-use disinfectant

Multi-use disinfectant (for hospitals, first-aids clinics, communities etc.)

Baby’s hygiene

Baby’s hygiene (maternity, nurseries, at home)

Home disinfection

Home disinfection (surface and crockery)


Food sector
(fruits and vegetables)

The facts

Several examples of an earlier version of NaCLO, made with the aim of gaining experience in the field, have been used in various African countries, such as Senegal, Rep. of Congo, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Eritrea etc., with positive effects, for example, on the sanitation of rural clinics. The electrolytic sodium hypochlorite produced on site has also been used in the past years to fight the Ebola Virus, creating a sort of sanitary cordon around the most affected areas to contain the reproduction of the virus.

Easy to Carry

NaCLO 30L packaging: 40 x 40 x H70 cm
NaCLO SOLAR packaging: 60 x 15 x H125 cm

NaCLO 30L and Solar Kit for NaCLO 30, easy to carry and assemble kits supplied in cardboard boxes weighing just 18 kilograms each

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